Remarketing on Facebook without 3rd party

So finally, Facebook has quietly released their own re-marketing pixel. Let’s bring Facebook ads to another effective level. Here are initial steps to kick-off your re-marketing campaigns with Facebook. In power editor, head to audience tab and create a custom audience database by: Then, hit the “Custom Audience From Your Website” Then, Facebook will give […]

BLack or white

How to prevent black hat Facebook tricks in Vietnam?

Today my mentor, Charly Leporce released his first insightful blog about Facebook Black tricks in Vietnam. This was published in Vietnam Travel Blog. I copied and shared it here so that we can free discuss about how to protect inbound marketer from this disadvantage. As Facebook’s latest stats on its user growth uncovered Vietnamese’s social […]


Tell me what you ride, I tell you who you are

As in most countries, what you drive often gives people a hint about what kind of person you are.  Many of us look fondly at our first rides, whether it was borrowing our parent’s car for the night or working long summer hours to pay for that first used car that we inevitably sold. The […]


Top 5 activities in HCMC

You‘ve never been to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and have a tight schedule to visit all of the interesting places? City Pass listed here the 5 things to do in the city to make sure you grab some unforgettable moments when you’re still here. 1. Enjoy spectacular scenery of HCMC from a great […]

Non la ao dai

Top 5 souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

Besides the joyfulness of discovering a new culture, capturing photos and tasting exotic flavors of Vietnam, shopping might bring you more opportunities to get in touch with locals habits. A shopping journey is usually the last step of a trip and it is always tricky. Hence, last month, the event named “HCMC 100 exciting things” […]


Bring Snobby Korean Political leaders back on the table and talk in 2013

Bring Snobby Korean Political leaders back on the table and talk in 2013

They both have a common interest in manipulating Kaesong Industrial Region to grow economic at both ends. South Korea needs North Korean’s labor resource and cheap land to build plants that catering low-end products market across the world while North Korea needs to jump-start the nearly bankrupt economy because of deep expenses in nuclear system. […]


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